Project Description



According to your own favorites, we will plan a unique trip just for you, the way you would like to see New Zealand’s most treasured scenic views, national parks and landscapes. It can be simply introduced as three main routes, which are West Coast, Inland Route, and East Coast. Our tours will cover the NZ signature Cenozoic landforms, such as sounds, glaciers, snow top mountains, high country meadows, temperate forests, lakes, grassland, and valleys.

Visit some of New Zealand’s unique wild life, seals, little eyed penguins, Royal Albatross, whales, and Kiwi birds.

Visiting different types of farms, vineyards, and staying at the boutique lodges.

Taste the fresh and tasty food and wines, enjoy awarding winning wines with 21 day grass or grain fed top quality steak or crayfish just an hour out of the sea.