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Project Description



New Zealand are very focussed on protecting their natural resources and in many of NZ reserve parks, there are a good number and types of plants and wild life. New Zealand also have no natural predators that are dangerous to humans. All areas are very safe for hunting activities and NZ has become the best hunting location for hunters around the world for a number of years. We have qualified guides who can provide services in multi languages, such as English, Mandarin and Germany. We can also offer different types of equipment and weaponry for you to choose from. All activities are carried out lawfully and according to New Zealand hunting guidelines.

The transport options for hunting can be are varied and can be 4WD, Helicopter or hiking. The hunting environment can also vary according to your preference,  bush land, forest, grassland and meadow. The targets animals are chamois, deer, feral goats, feral pigs, feral sheep, gamebirds, rabbits and hares, tahr, and wallabies. If you are aiming for specific animals, then we will plan the best season and area for your needs. Once you have your animal hunted, we could also arrange treatment and delivered to your door at your cost.